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Brahmins in India.....
           Brahmins in India can be broadly classified, geographically, into two major divisions: (1) Brahmins from
North India (2) Brahmins from South India. Brahmins from N. India are referred to as Panch-Gaud
Brahmins. Brahminsfrom S. India are referred up as Pandw-Dravid Brahmins. North Indian (Panda-Gaud)
Brahmins are divided into 5 segments: Kanyakubja, Sarasvat Gauda, Mithila and Utkala. South Indian
(Panch-Dravid) Brahmins are divided into 5 segments: Maharadwtra, Telinga, Dravida, Karnataka and
Castes of Brahmins In Gujarat:
It is believed that there were 34 castes of Brahmins in Guiarat. Though the statement may be correct at
some time in the past it is highly debatable today. It is very difficult to define a casue and a sub-caste.
Some ofthe major Brahmin castes of Gujarat are: Pudichya, Anavil, khedvabaj, Bajkhedawal, Nagar,
Mevada, Modh, Shrimali and many other important castes.
khedvabaj Brahmins .

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khedwabaj Brahmins:
        Major Brahmin castes have mythological stories shrouded around their inception. There are diverse stories
regarding the origin of the khedwabaj Brahmins. Some historians believe that the khedwabaj Brahmins
belong to South Indian Groups of Brahmins. But the fact remains that once upon a time, the khedwabaj
Brahmins were inhabitants of Guiarat. Later-they migrated to South and again centuries later, they came
back to settle in Gujarat. The historical references suggest the association of the khedwabaj Brahmins with
regions: Khed-brahma.
         A number of stories spring up from mythology. The more reliable mythological story traces the origin of the
khedwabaj Brahmins to Khed-brahma. Hence we shall describe this more popular and more convincing story
related to Khed-brahma.
         Khed-brahma is a town of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. It is on the banks of a small river Haranav. It is
nearly 140 kms from Ahmedabad, by road, on the Ahmedabad-Himmatnagar-ambaji route. Mythology
suggests that Khed-brahma was created by Brahma, the Generator among the Divine Triplet of Gods:
Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. In ancient times, Khed-brahma was known as Brahmakshetra. The story goes that
Brahma created it with the help of Vishvakarma, the god of architecture. Then Brahma prayed to the holy
river Ganga to enrich the region. Gangaii averred there and was known as Hiranyaganga as the region had
golden sand (The word hiranya means gold). Today the river is called Haranav.
Brahma decided to perform a great‘yagna' at Brahmakshetra. For performing yagna, a host must be accompanied by his wife. Brahma's wife, Savitriii, was in the heaven. Brahma instructed one of the maharishi to fly to heaven to invite Savitriii. Brahma empowered the maharishi with an ability to fly. The maharishi flew to heaven, but Savitriji refused to descend to the Earth. However, the maharishi was called Khetak; the word khetak means“a person with an ability to fly". It is said that the descendents of the great maharishi Khetak came to be known, initially, as the Khetak Brahmins. Brahma decided to help the Khetak Brahmins and to help earn their livelihood because they want to give 'dakshina' to khetak brahmin. He prayed to Lord Vishnu and goddess Mahalakshmi. as a consequence, with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, a temple of Mahalakshmiji was established at Brahmakshetra. With the passage of time, the Khetak Brahmins came to be known as the khedwabaj Brahmins. Brahmakshetra came to be known initially as Brahmakhet and later as Khedabrahma. Today, the temple of Mahalaksmhmi exists as the temple of Kshirajamba Mataji at Khedabrahma. Kshirajamba Mataji is the “kuldevi" of the khedvabaj Brahmins.


When Devas  and Danavas Doing samudra manthan at kshir-sagar, goddess Laxmi was incarnated as Kshirjamba.

Kshir means water & jagdamba is incarnation of goddess Amba.  

Maa  Kshirjamba temple is  located at Khedbrahma near Braghurushi Ashram. It is on small hill nearly having 100 steps. Site has very good scenery and cool salient climate. This temple is around 800 years old.